Turn Launch Mistakes into an Innovative Strategy

Launching a new product or service can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Learn from your past launch. What went well? What was missing?​ What needs improvement?
We all make mistakes, but ignoring them is not the answer. The key to a successful launch is turning mistakes into an innovative strategy.

If you’re a solo venture, you may be a high-achiever, ready to jump into action. Planning may feel counter-intuitive, but resist the temptation to take action without a clear plan.

Here are Seven Tips That Will Help You Prepare for a Successful Launch:

◼️ Creative Campaign Planning: Don’t settle for your first idea. Brainstorm various marketing strategies, allowing for a messy yet fruitful creative process. By exploring all possibilities, you make a more informed, confident final decision.

◼️ Start With Your Sales Page: By reverse-engineering your launch, you’ll have everything you need to create the additional assets with clarity and continuity. You can even repurpose some of the content.

◼️ Strategically Sequence Your Tasks: Use project management software like Trello or Monday, which has a Free Plan with ten boards. Notion also has a free plan. Even if you’re a solopreneur, project management tools are helpful.

◼️ Set a Detailed Timeline: Underestimating time is a common trap. I call it the “Reality of Execution.” Double your anticipated timeframe in your project management tool. You’ll minimize any last-minute urgencies and ensure a smooth execution.

◼️ Warm Up Your Audience: Build trust before making the ask. Implement a “long runway” strategy with free offers or training that precedes your launch, attracting new leads and nurturing them towards your offer.

◼️ Ensure Seamless Tech Integration: Assess and organize the technology needed for your launch’s backend processes. Prioritize simplicity and direct integration capabilities to streamline your workflow.

◼️ Final Touches: Test everything for flawless execution and optimal user experience, especially when using automation triggers and third-party tools.


By preparing, you’re setting the stage for a launch that’s not just successful but enjoyable to execute.

🕒 Prepare wisely, launch confidently, and enjoy the fruits of your well-orchestrated efforts. 🚀


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Marisa Shadrick, Online Marketing Consultant

🎉🎊 As an online marketing consultant, I help independent coaches execute highly effective prospecting strategies to grow a client base that builds a profit-generating business.🎉

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